Music, Nostalgia and Coffee Make a Perfect First Day of School


Today my house is empty. All except for myself, and my beagle Pie and my cat, Coda. All three of my young kids are off to school, and my husband is on the road for work during the week; so you see, it isn’t totally by choice. However, that’s not to say it isn’t a blessing in disguise.

This is a day I have been waiting for since June of last spring; the day the kids were done with school for the summer. This is a day that has been anticipated and celebrated, and yet when it arrived, I was down. Not having the kids blasting that damn Cartoon Network, or hearing their quarrels over who was going to be playing the roles of Jedi and Sith in their latest light saber battles was very odd. Honestly, I didn’t know if I could truly get used to it.

As I sat at the kitchen table, mulling thoughts over a cup of hot coffee, I had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments. I was drinking HOT coffee. I’ve not had a cup of hot coffee all summer. I would make it, kids would scream, fight, cry, etc, and the coffee would sit for an hour, going ice cold.

I was smiling at the hot coffee, relishing in its freshness, when suddenly a song popped in my head. Not sure why, I was really only thinking of the coffee and trying not to miss the kids. But this song was one I hadn’t heard in years and had completely forgotten ever existed. So, to distract myself further, I went to YouTube and searched for the band, Blues Traveler.



A band I hadn’t listened to in years, yet I began to sing along and found myself not missing a beat. Song by song went by, and the louder I turned up the volume, the more I felt the freedom of my surroundings. I filled the quiet space with the soul of the blues. I let the words and swagger of John Popper elevate my mood and remind me of why I was so excited for this day to come in the first place.

It was the start of getting back to being me. The first day of the next stage of my life. The music spoke to that by providing an energy and a soundtrack to this moment. Songs I had passed by years ago were now more than profound and incredibly fitting for this day.

Before I knew it, I was no longer sitting at the table struggling with the silent stillness of an empty house. I was singing and dancing at my sink. Finally getting to the dinner dishes from the night before. When they were done, I continued to bounce and sing around the house fueled by the next band that popped up on my mind’s ancient play list.

A good hour went by before I stopped and realized, my coffee had gone cold. At least I can count on some things staying the same.



The reason I tell you my tale of the initially silent morning, is that if I had just dismissed that random song that drifted into my mind this morning, I may have missed out on those carefree hours. Not to mention the realization of how profound this moment really was to me.

I enjoy missing the kids. I am glad the silence is there, but also know that I can fill it with music that moves and motivates my soul to get up and seize the moment.



Don’t let those musing thoughts that feel random pass you by. Turn up the radio, sing loud, and let it inspire you.

J. Ryan

J. Ryan is an entertainment blogger for sites like, and TWDFansite. Follow her on twitter @jryan_author, for more articles on TV, Movies, Music and Books, as well as her unnatural obsession with coffee.

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