In the Artist’s Spotlight: Benjamin Clementine


In the Artist’s Spotlight: Benjamin Clementine


An artist who really grabs my attention with his honest lyrics and warm, rich and powerful voice.


‘At Least For Now’, is the debut album released in March 2015, it includes the singles ‘Condolence’ and ‘Cornerstone’.



Benjamin Clementine grew up in Edmonton, London and then at the tender age of 19, moved to Paris. Although unable to speak French, he was able to get by. Initially living on the streets, his busking* eventually not only afforded him enough money to move into a hostel but led to him becoming well known on the streets and pubs of Paris.


While Benjamin is self taught on a variety of instruments, it was his vocals that caught the attention of his manager who by chance happened upon him at a gig one evening. Soon, he was recording an EP, a three track record titled ‘Cornerstone’ released in 2013 which served as a stepping stone to a full record deal.


His music comes from some dark places he has experienced in his life but he remains upbeat, though he continues to explore those feelings of hopelessness and loneliness.


In 2016 Clementine played live during the Burberry Menswear Catwalk show, singing ‘Adios’



Now 27 has just finished a run of sold out gigs in New York City and will return later this year for further performances. In 2015 he was nominated and later won the prestigious Mercury Prize Award which he dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks, which took place the previous week.


To learn more about Benjamin Clementine, you can find him online through his Twitter or Facebook, or stop by his website at


(*Busking – To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.)

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