Q&A with Hilton Ariel Ruiz, talking about “Zombie With A Shotgun”

ariel ruizQ&A with Hilton Ariel Ruiz, talking about “Zombie With A Shotgun”


Hilton Ariel Ruiz is a producer, director, and writer he is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign for his latest project, a film “Zombie With A Shotgun“. He recently worked on a series called 6-6-66. (Logline ~ A group of friends search to find if an evil presence really exist). The project ended up on Eli Roth’s Crypt Horror/TV web site as an original series for them.




zombie with a shotgunI invited Hilton to come and talk about his work, his Kickstarter campaign and for him to allow us to delve into his music preferences.

PC: Can you tell me about your background?

HAR: I was born and raised in NYC. I’m the youngest in my family. I lived in a household of 6 kids.


PC: Can you talk me through the process, of Writing/directing/producing for Zombie With A Shotgun?

HAR: At the beginning of the process, I try to think about what will be different compared to all the other zombie films that have been made. Once having the script ready to go, I have to gather the cast and crew. Scheduling is difficult, especially when your trying to get everyone together on the same date. I try to work with the same crew as they understand on how I direct my projects. No matter what, every project brings it’s own challenge.


PC: You have just started a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for “Zombie With A Shotgun”, what sort of rewards are you offering?

HAR: Yes, you can find the Kickstarter Campaign here. Fans are the only one’s that can make this project happen by going to our KickStarter page and purchasing a perk. Perks start as low as $7 and there are many options available, such as Pre-ordering the film  (Stream or DVD), T-shirts, signed posters, credits and we have an interesting Zombie perk. A zombie perk is basically someone who wants to be in our film as a zombie. With a bit extra, you can be a zombie that will receive an awesome death. People will love the perks we have available on our page.

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PC: Can you tell me more about the first album or single you bought and do you remember where you bought it from?

HAR: My friends will go crazy when they hear this answer, but my first album that my parents bought for me was Neil Diamond’s Jazz Singer. I still remember listening to the album over and over. I Still love it to this day.


PC: Which song do you just have to play at full volume?

HAR: Black from Pearl Jam. I like going on Youtube and watching the MTV Unplugged Black version. It’s incredible…


PC: Which song or album soothes your troubled mind or heart? 

HAR: Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus.


PC: Three pieces of music you adore or three styles of music you are drawn to?

HAR: I like all types of music. If it sounds good, I’m going to listen.


PC: My guilty music pleasure would be a bit of 80’Soft rock what would yours be?

HAR: I have to agree with you, 80’s soft rock is awesome.


PC: Which Movie soundtrack do you never get tired of listening to?

HAR: I’ll never get tired of listening to Heat. The Movie soundtrack from Michael Mann , starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino.


PC: What was the last concert you attended and which concert was the best you have ever been to?

HAR: Wow. It’s been years since I attended a concert. I have to say the last one I attended was my favorite. That concert was performed by Marc Anthony.


PC: What would be your most frequently worn band t-shirt and is it an original?

HAR: Pink Floyd.


PC: Which song or piece of music would you like played at your funeral?

HAR: The Piano (Chopin).


PC: I am taking piano lessons, do you play any instruments?

HAR: No I do not. It would nice to take piano lessons. That may be something that I may have to put in my bucket list.


PC: How would you describe your perfect day?

HAR :My perfect day is always knowing that my family is at home safe and sound in their beds sleeping.


PC: Finish this sentence I cannot possibly live without…..

HAR: Family.


Thank you very much Hilton and good luck with the film.


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E-Mail: ZombieWithAShotgunMovie@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zombiewashotgun
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZombiewithaShotgun/
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