Film & Comic Con ~ Newcastle ~ November 2016

In late November, I spent a weekend armed with my Press Pass at Newcastle Film & Comic Con. I was lucky enough to be able to interview many of the actors who were taking part. I have presented a snapshot of those interviews below and will publish them in full soon.

The weekend itself, which was run by ShowMasters and was very professionally managed and a lot of fun. The actors were very generous with their time and all extremely nice: some are going to have a further extended interview with me.


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Dominic Carter (Game Of Thrones)


PC: What was your first TV role?

DC: My first role was Pie in The Sky with Richard Griffiths, I played a journalist in that. I was a massive fan of Withnail and I so getting to meet Uncle Monty, that was so great.





Christopher Fairbank (5th Element, Auf Wiedersehen Pet)


PC: So obviously you were in Auf Wiedersehen Pet, do you feel you have broken free of people shouting, ‘Hey Moxy!’ in the street?

CF: Quite the reverse actually. In fact, not so long ago, somebody reminded me I will be forever Moxy, and I heard that about 30 years ago when the series first came out.





Daz Crawford (Blade 2, The World Is Not Enough)


PC: What was it like on the set of James Bond?

DC: For three days Pierce Brosnan and I practised our scene, and on the day of the shoot he walks in and says, ‘I’m looking for Valentin Zukovsky’ and I was thinking (excuse my French), ‘ Fu****g Hell, Daz Crawford, you’re in a James Bond film!’





Meena Rayann (Game Of Thrones)


PC: Since you were a fan of the series from the beginning, which character have you been most glad to see ‘gone’?

MR: Gosh! I would say Joffrey Baratheon, because he was there from the very beginning and was so vile, but there were some deaths that were just so ohhh (sharp intake of breath) noooo!





Alice Krige (Star Trek Voyager, Silent Hill)


PC: You talked earlier about the movie Ghost Story you were in with Fred Astaire.

AK: We were staying in Saratoga Springs in Upstate New York. There was me, Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, John Houseman, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Craig Watson, and Pat Neal and her companion. We would sit at night around this big table and I would sit, just listening, to the stories of old Hollywood. It was amazing; I was absolutely transfixed. One day a coach party of tourists came into the restaurant of the hotel, and one of them did something so stupid! Literally, as they walked past Fred, they took a flash photograph. We were having dinner and they took it. Boom! Right in his face. And he actually never came down to dinner again after that.





Neil Fingleton (Mag the Mighty in Game Of Thrones)


PC: How long were you in make up to get ready for your character?

NF: Prosthetics took about 4 hours to put on, then the costume about an hour, so 5 hours in total before we had even filmed anything. The days were long. It was really fulfilling to see it on the TV afterwards.





Adrian Rawlings (Woman In Black & Harry Potter)


PC: What career path would you have followed had you not been an actor?

AR: I kind of always thought I’d be a sign writer because my mate’s dad was a sign writer, and that seemed like a practical and artistic thing to do, for a geezer who grew up in Stoke.

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